In #Auricular #Therapy it is easier for people to diagnose #health problem on own. It is possible only when you have prior knowledge about potent points located on our Ear. In the above image people can notice that if he/she have redness or hardness or swelling in the depicted area on ear it sym...

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Seva Dham Plus Services are available between 7 Am to 4 Pm.
To counter COVID -19 people can take our one of the best #Body #Immunity #Treatment

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We are resuming our #Health Services. But we consider only those who have booked his/her #consultation on call before visiting our health center.

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All the necessary precautionary measure are taken to ensure safety of people visiting Seva-Dham Plus....

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We are offering 100% Pure & Natural #Ayurveda, #Naturopathy, #Panchkarma & #Yoga #Therapy for building #body #immunity to fight #health problems.

All the #health problems are treated at Seva Dham Plus through an Alternative Treatment.

We assure best result for every health problem.

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Build Immunity Today, Take #Ayurveda, #Naturopathy & #Panchkarma #Therapy at Seva Dham Plus. If you have strong immunity then you are less prone to any #Health #Diseases.

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Auricular Therapy Training at Seva Dham Plus

Mar 17, 2020 – Mar 19, 2020

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Do you know why we get pimples on our #Skin ? Then you must watch this video till the end. In this video you will know what are the symptoms behind people getting pimples, acne and black spot. Once we know the reason behind any problem only then we can take prevention to cure pimples, acne and bl...

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Practical Based Auricular Therapy Treatment
At Seva Dham Plus, Individual will learn how to heal any acute and chronic diseases through Alternative Treatment commonly known as Auricular Therapy.

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Do you want to make #career in #AlternativeTherapy ? Lecture & Practical #Auricular #Therapy #Training starting from 11th Feb 2020.
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Ayurveda Naturopathy & Panchkarma Treatments

  • Back Pain Treatment

    Back pain is very common problem among all age groups. There are so many reasons behind getting back pain problem some of the common reasons are related with lifestyle like what we eat, how we sit, whether doing daily exercise or not and many more. At Seva Dham plus we treat back pain with Ayurveda Naturopathy Panchakarma and Yoga therapy. We do also treat back pain with another alternative treatment called Acupuncture and Acupressure Treatment. Seva dham plus has is in ayurveda naturopathy panchakarma and yoga therapy since 1994. We have treated many patient suffering from back pain. All those patient are living happy, healthy and pain free life. We believe with Trust Care and Cure we can treat any disease. The price mentioned above is the consultation charge of our Doctor.
  • Knee Pain Treatment

    Joint pain is very much common and among the joint pain the common one noticed very much is knee pain. Knee pain arises due to lack of calcium in our body and another reason is lack of movement in day to day life. These days due to availability of vehicle people do not want to move much even to a shop few meter distant from our house. There are other reasons behind the knee pain. At Seva Dham plus we treat knee pain from the root cause. Those who get knee pain treatment at seva dham have to bring changes related to diet like adding food rich in calcium, daily exercise which helps in building strength, with these people will be given ayurveda, naturopathy and panchakarma therapy like knee vasti, shirodhara and many more. Complete protection of knee with ayurveda marma therapy. For more information people can visit our website sevadham.org . The price mentioned is not the treatment cost this is the first time consultation charge one has to pay.
  • Sciatica Pain Treatment

    Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve — which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body.The incidence of sciatica increases in middle age. Rarely occurring before age 20, the probability of experiencing sciatic pain peaks in the 50s and then declines.We have experienced the best treatment success rate in treating Sciatica cases including post-surgical recurrence. Treatment comprises of three approaches.Elimination (Sodhanam) of the accumulated toxic products of digestion, metabolism and the disease process.Pacification (Samanam) and correction of the entities responsible for altered functioning.Rejuvenation (Rasayanam) of the bodily tissue to regain and maintain natural strength and vitality. All those who are suffering from sciatica can try our Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Acupuncture and Acupressure treatment. Price mentioned is consultation fee.
  • Cervical Or Neck Pain

    Cervical Pain or Neck Pain is another common problem among the people. People who are suffering from neck pain they can take our best Ayurveda therapy called kati vasti. This therapy has treated many patient suffering from neck pain or cervical spondylolysis. The main reason behind getting cervical or neck pain is continuous bending of neck led to the deformation of neck bone which further leads to cervical or neck pain. Our kati vasti therapy helps to strengthen the muscle cell of neck. Which helps in treating cervical spondylolysis and neck pain. There are other treatment also available People can also take our Acupuncture and Acupressure treatment which start showing its effects quickly from the very first application. Many patient has been benefited with Acupuncture treatment. Individual can check out the videos of our happy patient. Who got treated at Seva Dham plus. The price mentioned is the consultation charge of our doctor.
  • Arthritis Pain

  • Diabetes Treatment

    Diabetes is the most pervasive diseases in the world today. Diabetes is a metabolic disease therefore if not treated at the right time it will leads to many risk like heart disease, digestive problems and many more. In every 8 seconds someone dies with diabetes. In every 5 minutes some suffer a heart attack because of diabetes, every 30 seconds someone with diabetes loses a limbs. The patient who admits in seva dham plus has to follow a strict diet plan, with diet plan daily yoga exercise is also added and with all this ayurveda medicine and therapy that will helps in lowering blood sugar and improving functioning of pancreas. We at seva dham believe that with Trust Care and Cure we can treat any disease. The mentioned amount is not the treatment cost it is the consultation fee. For more information people can also visit our website sevadham.org
  • Blood Pressure Treatment

    Blood pressure is often mentioned as the metabolic disorder. Where metabolic disorder means the disease that is arising due to improper diet and its consumption. Hence people can treat this disease on his own but due to lack of knowledge on what to eat, when to eat, what is nutritional value of food, whether to consume fat or not, how much calorie i should intake and many more. All these things should be taken care while treating blood pressure. At seva dham our nutrition expert will tell you about what precaution one should take while eating. Where as our yoga expert will tell you about which exercise will increase metabolism and our ayurveda expert will tell you about which therapy you should take to try and avoid hypertension that is most common among high blood pressure patient. Where as for the low blood pressure patient diet will do everything for them. The price mentioned above is the consultation charge.
  • Pimples & Black Spot Treatment

    In today's time everyone want to look beautiful and to look beautiful people very frequently visit beauty parlor where beautician applies many cosmetics products which is made up of so many chemicals, they do provide beauty but that beauty is for short time. Where as these cosmetics side effects are resulting in thinning of skin, pimples, black spot and many more. To treat these pimples and black spot there are so many treatments available in ayurveda naturopathy panchkarma. Few of them are mud pack or face pack and another is shirodhara. These two therapy is highly effective in treating pimples and black spot. Face pack or mud pack basically removes the accumulated dirt from face resulting in skin pores to intake oxygen and give beauty to face. Where as the black spot is the sign of tension hence shirodhara therapy helps to release the stress of work or anything. There are other therapies which people can take after consultation. Consultation price is mentioned above.
  • Skin Diseases Treatment


Acupuncture & Acupressure Treatment

  • Joint Pain Treatment

    All types of joint pain like back pain, lower back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, sciatica pain, cervical spondylolysis or neck pain. The price mentioned is a consultation charge.
  • Digestive Problems Treatment

    Digestive Problems are acidity, constipation, ulcer and many more. All these problems arises because of the eating habits and its consumption. Many a times it is noted that people often eat street food which is not healthy and hygienic. These days immunity among individual is not too good that they can digest any junk or street food. Because of which people are getting engulfed with digestive problems. We at Seva dham plus treats digestive problems by stimulating the certain potent points present on individual body and we also helps people in building digestive power by modifying their diet and adding daily yoga exercise so that in future they might not fall ill. The price mentioned is the consultation charge or our doctor.

Nutrition Consultation

  • Diet Plan

    People can consult with our Nutrition Consultant regarding diet plan.


  • Yoga Instructor

    Exercise is one of the important part of individual life. The person who wants to live a happy and healthy life needs to add exercise in their life. Exercise helps in many things like bodybuilding, digestion, strengthening bone and maintaining immunity. If someone don't do daily exercise they might be more likely to fall ill or face health problems. Therefore adding exercise will help people to be healthy and happy throughout day, month and year. Yoga is an exercise that will help people to do body specific workout. Like someone is suffering from back pain then individual has to do specific yoga only otherwise it might result in chronic back pain. Similarly for every specific disease there are specific yoga. Hence people can consult for instructor led classes at seva dham plus.


9 months ago
Great place with good people around. Gives a great feeling of being treated by natural therapies. Only place ln delhi where i found peace and connected to nature. The staff are very well behaved and thier massage and yoga is really effective. I was dealing with IBS & was tired of getting sick their treatment has done wonders and now i eat everything i want. Truely a thums up. Must visit n get consulted
- Shailesh J
10 months ago
It's an amazing place to visit. Felt so happy and calm to have been there.
- Komal S
a year ago
Seva Dham Plus is Ayurvedic hospital in New Delhi I took panchkarma treatment. it was very good and effective .
- Manish j

Ayurvedic Hospital In India

SEVA-DHAM Plus IS SPONSORED BY MANAV MANDIR FOUNDATION. With the blessing of Muni Shri Roopchandra ji Maharaj it began its functioning in September 1994 Under the Charge of Dr. Josh Abraham. Earlier it was known M.S.R. Naturopathy Centre (Muni Shri Roopchandra Naturopathy Centre).
Dr. Josh Abraham successfully ran it till March 2003, before he migrated to U.K. since then Sadhavi Samta Shri took the charge of the Centre. She introduced many modern techniques and technology in the area of Naturopathy and Ayurveda.
Under her guidance SEVA-DHAM Plus has attained many success and heights in the field of naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda. Thousands of people have been benefitted and cured during these years.
In February 2012 Dr M.T ARIF joined SEVA-DHAM Plus as the incharge, serves as the chief medical officer; he has Completed his bachelor degree in Ayurveda from BAMC College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka. Specializes in effective management of alignment through MARMA CHIKITSA and Panchakarma therapeutic procedure.
He has also introduced modified Panchakarma and MARMA CHIKITSA based on scientific approach under his guidance SEVA-DHAM Plus has achieved many success in chronic health concerned issues such as Slip Disc, Sciatica, chronic knee replacement condition, sexual disorder, Skin, Asthma, Diabetic neuropathy, Neurological Disorder and other chronic diseases.
With the motto "Trust--Care--Cure", we welcome you to the world of traditional Ayurvedic and Naturopathy treatments. Seva-Dham plus Ayurvedic Naturopathy hospital is situated in a serene and picturesque natural setting with easy access to national and state highways. Availability of modern techniques and the amenities at Seva-Dham plus helps us to keep high standards, to relax and rejuvenate in its natural surroundings. Seva-Dham plus had made achievements in treating thousands suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, low back ache, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, non-healing ulcers, fracture management, anorectal disorders, psoriasis, allergic disorders, respiratory disorders, age related degerative disoders, mental stress, rheumatic disease Slip Disc, Sciatica and lots more.
The panchakarma treatments like vamanam, virechanam, vasthi, nasyam, rakthamoksham, and poorvakarmas like pizhichil, njavarakizhi, sirodara, sirovasthi, udwarthanam, abhyangam, are executed under the strict supervision of doctors.
Now SEVA-DHAM Plus has the capacity to admit Ten Patients as a in-patient at a time. SEVA-DHAM Plus is equipped with all modern facilities and necessary infrastructures including Pharmacy for the patients. We hope to continue our services at a large scale with people support and help. 

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